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APRIL 2013

Open Studios - April 26-28th 2013

I work in two studios: my home/studio and my Acme studio in Bethnal Green, where I have worked for over 30 years and which I mainly use to make larger works.

My paintings vary in scale from only 20cm to nearly 7 metres in length. The work is concerned with differing series of subject matter and language, often worked on concurrently. These can overlap to produce unexpected hybrids, with some paintings being worked on over many years.

Most paintings are far too large and numerous to include in this showing, so I have hung a few works each representing a different series, some dating back to the early 1960's-80's.

I am involved with both depiction and abstraction, illusion/allusion and especially the idea of images micro seconds before perception.

I belong to no group or school, each painting and work on paper makes its own separate demands, from maverick impishness to the solemnity of Nature and its forces, and can range from the attempt to depict the depth of celestial space down to the microscopic mini space of electro-chemical activity in the brain.

I use acrylic/collage on canvas, board, paper often with sand, soil, ash, metal, etc to help play and explore unexpected visual language.